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Ashcroft Pressure Switch B Series
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Specification of

Ashcroft ® pressure switch B4 designed for use in nearly all industrial and OEM applications. Provide reliability and a long life cycle, is ideal for satisfying requirements for pressure control, shutdown or alarm operation. Special designs are available to meet NACE and Api-secure application.

Main Features:

Adjustable setpoints from 15%-100% of range
Fixed or adjustable deadband limited
A wide selection of sump and switch elementsan moistened



Accuracy: ± 1.00% full scale
NEMA 4 x (IP66) aluminum enclosure
A single setpoint
Pressure range: vacuum to 3,000 psi
SPDT or DPDT switch options

Pressure switch B4 can be used in various applications is ideal where the pressure measurement is accurate and reliable is very important:

The Process Of Market:

Offshore Oil Rig
Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
Pulp and Paper Mills

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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