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Swagelok Valve Fitting
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Kmi Company Sells Product Swagelok Valves And Fittings


Swagelok ® Valves
Instrumentation and Process Valves
Ball, Bellows-Sealed, Bleed and Purge, Check, Diaphragm-Sealed, Excess Flow, Manifold, Metering, Modulating, Regulating, and Shutoff Needle Plug, reliefs, and Stream-Select Valves
Instrumentation and process valves and manifolds
Wide variety of end connections, Swagelok gaugeable tube fittings including
Broad working pressure and temperature ranges
Standard and special cleaning options available for high-purity and ultrahigh-purity service
Process and Instrumentation Ball Valves
Ball Valves,
Swagelok ® ball valves are available in a variety of standard materials and end connections. In addition, Swagelok offers ball valves, manufactured or configured to the special needs of your applications.


Working Pressure
Flow Coeffi

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