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Valves, Valve WIKA Thermowell Flange
Valves, Valve WIKA Thermowell Flange
Valves, Valve WIKA Thermowell Flange
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13 Feb 2017
United States
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Specification of

Special Features

Heavy-duty design
Full penetration weld
Highly corrosion resistant coatings
Possible stem designs: tapered, straight, stepped or "Quill Tip" version (with open tip)
Design conforms to ASME BPVC Sec. VIII - I, B31.1 & B31.3



Each thermowell is an important component of any temperature measurement point. It is used to provide a pressure boundary between the process and temperature measurement. Thermowells help to protect the environment and operating personnel by keeping aggressive media, high pressures, and flow rates contained within the process boundaries. This also allows for the temperature sensor to be removed or replaced during operation.

Based on the almost limitless application possibilities, there are a large number of variations which include thermowell designs, materials, and the type of process connection. A basic differentiation can be made between threaded and weld-in thermowells, and those with flange connections.

The TW10 series of solid-machined thermowells with flange connection are suitable for use with numerous electrical and mechanical thermometers from WIKA.

Due to the heavy-duty design, these international design thermowells are the first choice for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries and in pl

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