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J120 Series Overview
Rugged, Explosion-proof Pressure, Vacuum, Differential Pressure and Temperature Switches

As safety requirements become more stringent, the determining factor in specifying an industrial pressure, differential pressure and/or temperature switch rests upon that switch protecting equipment, processes and personnel. Meeting hazardous location requirements through worldwide approvals and certifications, UE’s 120 Series is the choice where potentially explosive or highly corrosive atmospheres exist.

The 120 Series offers a variety of pressure, vacuum, differential pressure and temperature ranges, as well as process connections, wetted materials and sensor types. With a common flexible platform, models can quickly be adapted at the factory for special requirements, such as ranges, process connections and electrical ratings. Typical industries using 120 Series switches include chemical, petrochemical, refinery, oil and gas production and transmission, and pharmaceuticals.


​ Storage Temperature                    -65 to 160°F (-54 to 71°C)

​ Ambient Temperature                   -58 to 160°F (-50 to 71°C); models 36-39, 520-525, 540-548, 701-705, 15834-15839:
    Limits                                          0 to 160°F (-17 to 71°C); types 820E, 822E: -40 to 160°F (-40 to 71°C) set point
                                                          typically shifts less than 1% of range for a 50°F (28°C) ambient temperature change;
                                                          less than 2% for types E121& E122

​ Set point                                       Temperature models: Type B, C and F: ±1% of full scale range
     Repeatability                              Type E: ±2% of full scale range
                                                          Pressure models 126-164, S126B-S164B, 171-174, 270-274, 358-376, 520-535,
                                                          540- 543, 560-564, 701-705, 15622, 15834,-15839: ±1% of full scale range; models
                                                          450-559: ±1/2% of full scale range; models 36-39, 183-194, 483-494, 544-548,
                                                          565-567, 612-680, 15875: ±1-1/2% of full scale range

​ Shock                                            Set point repeats after 15 G, 10 millisecond duration

​ Vibration                                       Set point repeats after 2.5 G, 5-500 Hz

​ Enclosure                                      Die cast aluminum, epoxy powder coated; gasketed; coverlock; internal set point lock
                                                          standard on types J, C, F; gasketed stainless steel tamper-resistant dial cover on types
                                                          B, H, E; aluminum nameplate

​ Enclosure Classification             Certified to enclosure type 4X. Class I, Division 1 product meets enclosure type 7;
                                                         Class  II, Division 1 product meets enclosure type 9. Certified to IP66 requirements

​ Switch output                               One or two SPDT; dual switch may be separated up to 100% of range; except type 822E
                                                         where switch #2 can be set up to 25% of range span below switch #1 setpoint; switches
                                                         may be wired “normally open” or “normally closed”. Two SPDT hermetic sealed
                                                         switches available on H122P models

​ Electrical rating                            15A 125/250/480 VAC resistive (standard) except types J120-15622, 15834-15839,
                                                         H121-15875: 20A 125/250/480 VAC resistive; H122P; 11A 125/250 VAC resistive;
                                                         B121-13272, B122-13322, E121-13273, E122-13321; 22A 480VAC resistive. Electrical
                                                         switches have limited DC capabilities. Consult factory for additional information

​ Reference Scales                         Types B, E & H: external dial. Scale divisions vary with range (see model charts)

​ Weight                                           3-8 lbs. Varies with type and model

​ Electrical  Connection                 Type H, B, E; one 3/4" NPT E/C; type J, C, F, 820E, 822E; two 3/4" NPT E/C;
                                                          terminal block standard

​ Pressure Connection                   Models S126B-S164B, 171-194, 483-494, 520-535: 1/2" NPT (female); models
                                                         560-564: 2"  flush mount connection; models 565-567: 1-1 ⁄ 2" flush mount connection;
                                                         models 540-548: 1/8" NPT (female); all others: 1/4" NPT (female)

​ Temperature Assembly                Bulb and capillary: 6 feet 304 stainless steel (standard) except for E121-13273 and
                                                         E122-13321: 10 feet; Immersion stem: nickel-plated brass (standard) except for
                                                         B121- 3272 and B122-13322: stainless steel. Fill: Model 1BS: solvent filled; models
                                                         2BS-8BS: non-toxic oil filled

​ Temperature Deadband               Type F120, 820E, 822E: typically 1%; type B-, C-, and E- 121 and 122: typically 2% of
                                                         range under laboratory conditions (70°F [21°C] ambient circulating bath at rate of
                                                         1/2°F per minute change)

​ Pressure Deadband                     Type F120, 820E, 822E: typically 1%; type B-, C-, and E- 121 and 122: typically 2% of
                                                         range under laboratory conditions (70°F [21°C] ambient circulating bath at rate of
                                                         1/2°F per minute change)

​ Differential Pressure                    Differential pressure indication available types H121K and H122K with option M210
    Indicator Option M210               (check model availability under options); accuracy approximately 1% mid 50% of range,
                                                         3% at ends; window is plexiglass and gasketed; indicator may be field adjusted for
                                                         approximately ±1% accuracy at any set point within range

  Temperature Indication              Temperature indication available types 820E and 822E. Indication accuracy is ±1% of
                                                         adjustable range

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